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Parylene Coatings ServicesAn important feature of parylene’s deposition process under a vacuum is the absence of surface tension, bridging, pooling or thin out. Parylene is deposited as a gas at the molecular level rather than that of a conventional liquid or spray. This yields a truly conformally coated part with like thickness on the flat surface area, over corners, and in, on and around the internal dimensions of holes. No matter the size or shape of the elastomer application, parylene film conforms to their surface features.

With parylene film’s surface adhesion and elasticity, the coating can handle substantial elongation of the elastomer part without any fracturing or breaking of the surface adhesion of the film from the substrate bond.

Rubber keyboard applications using the parylene coating process will remove the elastomer tack but will also protect the keyboard against dirt, oils, petrochemicals and solvents while also protecting printed legends from wear. In addition, the appearance of the keyboard is also preserved.

Because parylene is a USP class VI or ISO 10993-6 FDA approved polymer, it offers excellent barrier protection and chemical inertness. Parylene is used in applications such as catheters, single use medical instruments, seals, gaskets, diaphragms or pistons in fluid injection products that can come in contact with human body tissue and body fluids that could otherwise cause contamination.

Rubber and silicone parts are usually coated in a horizontal chamber or tumbler. This exposes all surfaces to the parylene monomer. This proves to be cost effective, while offering superior quality. No fixturing is required, and because curing occurs before the film is deposited, the parts are not exposed to high temperatures and the integrity of the part is maintained.

See Technical Information for details.



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